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Tangshan SUNRISE group has two modern production plants and an international manufacturing base covering an area of about 200000 square meters, It integrates innovative production technology, intelligent production equipment and cuttingedge technology team.

It has a complete set of scientific and perfect production management. The products cover high-end bathroom customized production line, European Ceramic two piece toilet, back to wall toilet, wall hung toilet and ceramic bidet, Ceramic cabinet basin.

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    20 Years Experience

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    More Than 15 Billion


Smart Toilet

With the development of science and technology, intelligent toilets are more and more accepted by people. Over the years, the toilet has been continuously innovated, from material to shape to intelligent function. You might as well change your way of thinking and try a smart toilet while you are decorating.

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    "Step into Success with Tangshan Sunrise Ceramic Products Co.,Ltd! Our tankless toilets, back to wall toilets, and wall toilets represent innovation and style. As we begin this new year, may our journey be as seamless as our products!" Label: #bathroom vanities #lavabos...

  • Happy Chinese New Year

    Embark on a Year of Prosperity with Tangshan Sunrise Ceramic Products Co.,Ltd! Our commercial rimless toilets, floor mounted toilets, and smart toilets bring efficiency and luxury to every space. May this year overflow with success and abundance! main products:commercia...

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