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Tangshan SUNRISE group has two modern production plants and an international manufacturing base covering an area of about 200000 square meters, It integrates innovative production technology, intelligent production equipment and cuttingedge technology team.

It has a complete set of scientific and perfect production management. The products cover high-end bathroom customized production line, European Ceramic two piece toilet, back to wall toilet, wall hung toilet and ceramic bidet, Ceramic cabinet basin.

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Smart Toilet

With the development of science and technology, intelligent toilets are more and more accepted by people. Over the years, the toilet has been continuously innovated, from material to shape to intelligent function. You might as well change your way of thinking and try a smart toilet while you are decorating.

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  • More and more people are choosing these three designs instead of traditional toilets, making the bathroom clean and high-end

    Most of our friends install traditional toilets in the bathroom. The traditional toilet is a manually flushed toilet, which is then installed on the ground. This type of toilet has a very fatal problem, which is that the surrounding area of the toilet is covered with black mold spots for a long t...

  • Why do 90% of people choose white when purchasing toilets for bathroom decoration? The professional master revealed the truth!

    There are nine things to pay attention to when decorating a bathroom. Earlier, we discussed the bathroom tiles and the things to pay attention to when installing a washing machine. Today, let’s talk about: why do 90% of people choose white when choosing a toilet for bathroom decoration? 90%...

  • Toilet design: toilet type, proportion, and style

    When designing a new bathroom, it may be easy to overlook the choice of bathroom type, but there are many options and issues to consider. Style, proportion, water consumption, and whether advanced showers are equipped all need to be considered. What types of toilets are available (which type is ...

  • Introduction and Types of Toilets

    The toilet belongs to a sanitary appliance in the field of building water supply and drainage materials. The main technical feature of this utility model toilet is that a cleaning plug is installed on the upper opening of the S-shaped water trap of the existing toilet, similar to installing an in...

  • Which is better, a black toilet or a white toilet

    Which color of smart toilet is the best and most stylish to place at home Which color of smart toilet is the best and most stylish to place at home? Currently, many smart toilets have drained their soda water. Hanging design, with no dead corners between the bathroom and the ground, also provides...

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